Custom Web Planning and Development

Websites are more than a digital brochure, they are your best marketing tool. Combine Harborknot services for a customized site that looks great and allows you to expand knowledge of your customers through data tracking and collecting.

Website Architecture

Determine the pages you need and the technologies that work best for your situation. Make sure visitors are receiving your message or purchasing your product with the least technological resistance.

Web Design

We provide a custom mobile-first design with an emphasis on a strong user experience. Create a visual hierarchy of your brand that leads to conversions or engagement. Let’s discuss images that make your site good vs. excellent.

Web Development

Harborknot is a company built by an experienced web developer. Our final sites view as HTML5 markup that promotes SEO ranking and fast loading times. Our sites work similar in all major browsers and mobile devices.

ADA Compliance

Accessibility is becoming law. Harborknot knows the difference between AA and AAA web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG). Make sure your site not only follows the W3C standards but can also be navigated by screen readers and accessibly friendly devices.

SEO Consulting

We help write and create content that attracts visitors. After your site is registered and tracking users, guard that information. See what is and what is not working to promote sale conversions. More can always be done to extend visits and attract users.

Data Analytics

Harborknot can analyze your data for trends and monitor traffic for each page. Learn if your user’s experience is improving or if your bounce rates are lowering. Track your data and figure out what works best for you.