Cruising Yachts

Cruising Yachts is one of the largest yacht sales organizations in North America. They currently have 5 locations on the west coast, roughly 100 yacht listings, and over 20 brokers. Before coming to Harborknot, Cruising Yachts was lacking the ability for brokers to control their own listings and content. It was greatly affecting their ability to appear in Google searches.

With two months of planning the site maps and designs before writing a single line of code, Harborknot rebuilt from the ground up. We gave the site a fresh and modern look while adding the dashboard for brokers to control their own listing, testimonials and events. A training session was organized showing brokers best practices to raise SEO for their listings. Content management options include adding videos, downloadable documents and other capabilities that could not be done in their other online outlets. Cruising Yachts brokers now use their domain as a main resource for showcasing listings instead of other, more expensive, outlets that where previously used.

To prepare Cruising Yachts for launch an on site training session was organized and recorded so brokers would always have video documentation they could refer too.

In addition to the brokers being able to control their own content, a content scrapper was built to get listings from other sites that are open to multiple brokers. These boats display on Cruising Yachts website and show in search results as regular listings with their own listed yachts. This generates more content and more pages so the domain ranks higher in search results.

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